UTS Global

UTS Global is the leading UNIX® and Linux® system software developer for the IBM mainframe and compatible systems market, designing, developing and delivering the industry’s only native System V UNIX® operating system for S/390 processors and most recently have moved this same proven technology to Linux. In addition to providing system software products for both UNIX and Linux, UTS Global provides engineering and porting services for Third Party Developers and offers a scalable and secure hosting site for Application Service Providers (ASPs). UTS Global has an eighteen-year history of providing operating system Reliability, Availability and Serviceability (RAS), based on requirements by the industry’s most demanding customers in the Mission Critical Application space. For example, our UTS Operating System is host to applications in all of the Regional Bell Operating Companies. UTS has proven its ability to combine the value of inherent features of the mainframe architecture with the flexibility of both the UNIX and Linux operating systems.