MultiGen-Paradigm Announces A Unified Series of Product Releases

RICHARDSON, TX – Sept. 26, 2006: MultiGen-Paradigm®, Inc. today announced availability of a unified product release that includes enhanced versions of its Creator™, Creator Terrain Studio™, CTS Sensors, Sensor Prime™ and Vega Prime™ products.   Several new products were also announced as part of this release, they include Creator VT Studio, CTS Exports, Lyra and Lyra Sensors.

The unified release delivers greatly enhanced aesthetics and realism, increased performance and increased scene density.  From a technical standpoint the release was designed to insulate clients from ever changing graphics technologies by introducing a shader infrastructure that coordinates the construction and use of shaders.  Other significant enhancements found in this release are modeling productivity tools, ease of use improvements, interoperability, the ability to work with existing databases, support of SAF systems and an overall increase in visualization accuracy.  Current customers will immediately benefit from these enhancements in their own simulations with minimal effort and are encouraged to upgrade as soon as feasible.

New products announced as part of this synchronized release were:

  • Creator VT Studio an entry level version of Creator Terrain Studio.
  • CTS Exports an optional module that exports CTDB and DTED databases.
  • Lyra and Lyra Sensors are ready to use high performance visual applications derived from Vega Prime requiring no additional programming to operate.

“Customer feedback was a significant driver of this release.  We set out to provide accurate visualization in all wavelengths along with the ability to take advantage of the latest technologies to obtain realistic visuals,” stated Dan Brockway, Vice President of Product Management for MultiGen-Paradigm.  “We also focused on making certain our new release capabilities easily plugged into our customer’s simulations while providing them with maximum performance.  Ultimately we want our customers to be more productive without the burden of needing additional hardware.”

“We have been able to sharpen our product focus in several areas of the visual simulation industry,” said MultiGen President and CEO Sandeep Divekar.  “This new release significantly increases the accuracy of our solutions and provides great value to all of our customers.  It continues our ability to offer a full array of proven award-winning simulation software product solutions.  I am proud of our entire MultiGen team and am excited about the capabilities we will be delivering to our valued customers with this synchronized release.”

For more detailed product information, or pricing and upgrade information, contact your local sales representative or distributor or visit for further information.

About MultiGen-Paradigm

MultiGen-Paradigm, founded in 1981, enables our customers to rapidly create realistic cost effective visual simulations by providing content creation and visualization tools, services, training, and data.   MultiGen’s approach provides the customer with control of their simulation outcome by offering levels of services and tools to fit their development style and project scope.   MultiGen based solutions offer ease-of-use with continually improving realism, performance, fidelity, and accuracy of simulation in all wavebands, while reducing bandwidth and cost requirements and maintaining interoperability and correlation with industry standards.

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