Daptiv Unveils Summer 2010 Release Featuring a Powerful New Web 2.0 Customer Experience

SEATTLE, WA – Aug. 2, 2010: Daptiv, the on-demand leader in project management and collaborative business software, today announced the latest seasonal update to its on-demand solution including a powerful new user interface and significant feature upgrades to add value and improve efficiency for users, project managers and administrators and executives. Many of the features in the Daptiv PPM Summer ’10 Edition were developed in conjunction with customers as part of Daptiv’s Greenhouse effort, a forum in which Daptiv users collaborate with one another and Daptiv on product innovation. Highlights of the user interface updates include intuitive in-line and drag-and-drop editing as well as simplified navigation.

“We know that users expect and deserve a project management solution that is just as easy and intuitive to use as the consumer software they use in their personal lives,” said John Baldwin, CEO of Daptiv. “The user interface and editing improvements introduced in the Daptiv PPM Summer ’10 release are the first of a series of updates designed to empower users and enable better collaboration on projects and business initiatives. We’re excited our users have worked closely with us on these new innovations as part of our customer-driven product development cycle.”

“The new capabilities of Daptiv PPM speak to everyone that is involved with projects at our organization, from technical staff and project managers to administration and our CEO,” said Cassie Porcella, business manager, Abbey Road Group. “The new in-line editing and navigation features enable our users to collaborate more efficiently and complete common project management tasks far more quickly than traditional software.”

Daptiv has always been dedicated to creating user-friendly, Web-based software that is so intuitive and configurable that it is easily adopted in organizations. The new features upgrade the user interface to an industry-leading experience more akin to Google Apps than typically awkward enterprise software. The Daptiv PPM Summer ’10 Edition now supports a host of editing shortcuts that improve the experience of managing a project and allow project managers to make changes with fewer clicks and less navigation. New features include:

  • Double-click editing
  • Drag-and-drop reordering and resizing of columns
  • Multi-select of tasks using Ctrl-click and Shift-click
  • Quick addition of new tasks
  • Support of keyboard shortcuts for simplified navigation

In addition, Daptiv PPM Summer ’10 Edition is now available on all the major Web browsers, including Internet Explorer 8, the latest version of the popular browser. Daptiv PPM continues to support Mozilla Firefox 3+.

In addition to user interface improvements, Daptiv also released pre-configured ERP connectors that integrate Daptiv PPM Summer ’10 Edition with major ERP systems to enable better financial management and control for invoicing, chargeback and payroll business processes. The connectors are offered as an optional subscription service that can be set up in as few as three days and pay for themselves in an average of 10 weeks.

Daptiv provides regular seasonal updates and improvements to its on-demand solution to ensure that all of Daptiv’s 80,000 subscribers can leverage the latest PPM innovations to run and grow their businesses. Because Daptiv is provided as a service, the updates are available immediately and at no additional cost to users.

About Daptiv
Founded in 1997, Daptiv is the leading provider of on-demand Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solutions. Daptiv has helped thousands of companies improve their strategic planning and business execution by offering adaptable PPM solutions and expert professional services. Daptiv’s customers include world-class organizations such as Beam Global, Ikon, Coach, Harvard University, Honeywell, InterContinental Hotels Group, and Delta Dental.