Parallax Capital Partners’ acquisition process begins by determining the type of transaction we are about to engage in with a seller. By evaluating whether we are engaging in an acquisition that is a growth-oriented business or a legacy business with special customer care needs, helps us move forward with the appropriate strategy.

In a growth-oriented business model, Parallax seeks a cornerstone company in a marketplace that has potential to grow and become a larger, more valuable entity in the future. When we acquire a growth company, we have already begun our homework as it relates to future strategic acquisitions that could add to the strength and positioning of our original investment. Then, our dedicated business development team works continuously with corporate development, management teams, investment bankers, and private business owners to find strategic add-on opportunities.

Legacy situations require a different business model, one where customer and product care are of utmost importance. In these transactions, Parallax acts as a good steward for both the business as a whole, for its employees, as well as the valued customer base — ensuring the viability and management of the business as well as the product life cycle.

During their careers, the principals at Parallax have been involved in over 100 transactions, either individually or in conjunction with our partners. Most of our transactions follow a similar pattern of expedient analysis, then more detailed due diligence — culminating in the ability to complete a transaction in a minimum amount of time, benefiting both the seller and the company being sold.